Align Your Entire Household With Proper Job & Business Frequency

Align Your Entire Household With Proper Job & Business Frequency

Hey OM Family,

Remember that often quoted statistic that you spend a third of your life working?

In a general sense, it’s absolutely true. And yet, with as much of your life as you spend working, are you happy with what you do?

Whether you have a job or you’re in business for yourself, we all have to earn a living. And working fulfills one of our important emotional, mental, and spiritual needs: to be involved in productive endeavors for prosperity and the betterment of society.

To put it simply, life (on this physical plane at least) is too short to not do something you love and feel passionate about. You may work more basic jobs as you get to that destination (like the kinds of jobs we take as young adults or perhaps during a career change) but you shouldn’t be miserable in whatever work you’ve chosen.

We pursue our ideal vocation and we also attract it with our thoughts and frequency. If we aren’t vibrating at our most authentic and highest frequency, we can get stuck in jobs or even businesses that are boring, stressful, or draining. Work is work, and may involve difficult lessons from time to time… but it should be invigorating and inspiring, not a source of miserable drudgery.

In my 38th step of the OM Energy Field Clearing process, I fine-tune your frequency and the frequencies of everyone in your household (your partner, kids, even parents). The result is that all who dwell under your roof are matched vibrationally to the true vocational purpose that Source designed just for them.

With regular clearings, you may find your job and business opportunities start to flood in, giving you the keys to prosperity and abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

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Remember, as a Divine being and co-creator with Source, you deserve happiness in all aspects of your life, including work. Don’t settle for less than you are capable of experiencing.



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