Abolish Self-Hate

Hey OM Family,

In this fifth step of OM blog series, we will dive into how abolishing falsehoods of self-hate, shame, and self-defeat through energy clearing helps you find your way towards peace, prosperity, and greater fulfillment.

When you were a child, you were literally a blank slate when it came to things you believed about yourself. Our natural state, directly from Source, is to radiate high vibrations of love and kindness. Yet as we grow up, negative influences from our parents (even unintentional, because familial patterns repeat themselves), school, or social interactions leave indelible impressions on our minds. They become so ingrained that they function like old tapes, playing over and over to the point where we believe them to be true.

Even those with outwardly perceived (by most everyone else) blessings or advantages in life can be the most plagued by these parasitic, low vibration belief systems.

Because truly, self-hate, shame, and self-defeat were never meant to be your life’s recurring themes.

Remember, your true self is a Divine spark, full of love, beauty, forgiveness, and wonder. You are as unique and breathtaking as any part of the Universe’s infinite creation.

Even if you feel ashamed for past negative behavior, ruminating on it endlessly prevents you from manifesting your chosen destiny. Having a clear conscience and admitting your wrongs is healthy and cleansing. But we are all flawed beings, and deserving of grace and forgiveness – including from ourselves.

During this step of OM, I identify these energy field “lurkers” and banish them – opening the way for positive feelings of peace and self-love. Because these beliefs tend to work their way back into your space, having an OM subscription where I go in and remove them regularly definitely brings the best results – greater confidence, a peaceful sense of letting go, and inner knowledge of your priceless worth as a Divine being.

To understand how OM works, and how it can benefit you in other ways, please visit my OM subscription page.

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